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Olivia M Keesaer & Henry J Gentle — Minted

Olivia M Keesaer


Henry J Gentle

Wedding Party

Larissa Leck

Maid of Honor

Larissa and Olivia met within weeks of moving to California. After a few sushi dates and trips to the dog beach they became inseparable. They're probably planning their next vacation right now.

Stacia True


When Olivia attended the University of Louisville, Stacia was her first friend and Chi Omega big sister. They bonded over their love of travel and kitties. Olivia still looks up to her big sister today.

Alyssa Carney


At the University of Missouri, Alyssa and Olivia lived together at the Chi Omega house. Both being from out-of-state, they were always in town together on the weekends and had fun exploring Columbia, MO.

McKenna Keesaer


Last year, Olivia welcomed a sister to the Keesaer family. When Olivia's brother, Robert, brought McKenna home, Olivia knew Robert had a keeper. They like to get dinner with the family whenever they're in town.

Jordan Julius


Jordan and Olivia both work in engineering and started their careers in manufacturing. Exploring Louisville and trying new restaurants brought them closer and they celebrated Jordan's wedding over the summer.

Jessica Allison


Olivia met Jessica by coming to Henry's Cyclebar classes in Sunnyvale, CA. Her husband, Gunnar, worked with Henry at Tesla, so the two couples had lots to talk about. They like to double date and play pickleball as often as they can.

Morgan Keesaer


Morgan is Olivia's younger cousin. Olivia would take care of her at their grandmother's house when she was little. Morgan is entering her senior year of high school and the family loves cheering her on at her lacrosse games.

Grace Keesaer

Flower Girl/Child

Grace is Olivia's youngest cousin. She is a joy to be around and a star performer on her cheer team. Grace loves to dance and make videos with her friends.

Mike Klinge

Best Man

Mike and Henry became fast friends as pledge brothers in their fraternity at the University of Missouri. A shared passion for the outdoors led them both to work at Venture Out, Mizzou's high ropes course on campus. Over the years, they've stayed in touch, making trips to visit each other in Seattle and San Francisco.

Griffin Steins


At Mizzou, Henry and Griffin would spend most of their afternoons at the Rec, lifting weights when they should have been studying. Even though they've lived apart for several years now, they still find ways to lift each other up.

Devin Cargill


After being roommates in college, there's not a lot that Devin and Henry don't know about each other. Whenever Oliva and Henry pass through St. Louis, they always make a visit to Devin and Megan's house.

Hayden Haddock


Hayden and Henry share a sense of humor that churchgoers and HR departments find "unsettling." In their defense, that's what makes it so funny! Another one of the St. Lou Crew, Hayden became part of Henry's second family at Mizzou.

David Auger


Henry and David spent their summer afternoons sunning on the porch at U Centre and contemplating life's deepest questions. Does this outfit make me look cool? Do you think Olivia will call me back?

Gunnar Allison


As co-workers at Tesla, Henry and Gunnar had plenty to gripe about on long bike rides together. They're usually planning their next ride or a new venture capital pitch. One of these days, they'll build an electric VW bus like they've been talking about.

Matt O'Connor


Henry and Matt spend at least an hour a day on Zoom negotiating contracts for EVgo. A close friend and trusted advisor, Henry asked Matt to officiate his most important contract yet.

Kimberly Keesaer

Mother of the Bride

On a mom's weekend at Mizzou, Kim picked Henry out of a crowd for her daughter. One of the reasons Olivia loves Henry so much is that he and Kim are so alike. Good picking, mama. -O

Ann Gentle

Mother of the Groom

When Ann heard Henry wanted to move to Louisville for a girl she hadn't met, she had to come down for a bike race to make sure Olivia passed the test. Luckily, Olivia enjoys a leisurely bike ride as much as the rest of the Gentle family and she fit right in.

Bob Keesaer

Father of the Bride

Bob taught Olivia & Henry the ropes to Pickleball. An avid player but also dancer. You might see some suprise moves on the dancefloor soon.

Shirley Kelsch

In Loving Memory

Olivia's Grandmother Shirley couldn't be here for the wedding day, but she was so excited to see her granddaughter get married. Shirley loved to bake and cook for her family, always sending folks home with a slice of pie or a bag of cookies. Right before she passed away, Shirley helped Olivia pick out her wedding veil. She will live on in our hearts and in our kitchens forever.